Vulnerable Group Housing

Under this program, Habitat Lesotho constructs durable two-room homes with concrete blocks and roofs of corrugated iron sheets. A ventilated pit latrine is constructed to improve sanitation. Additionally, Habitat Lesotho advocates for security of tenure and initiates ownership processes for vulnerable households to ensure they legally own the land before Habitat Lesotho helps them build a home. Local authorities, including the land administration authority, local councils and chiefs working with Habitat Lesotho are instrumental in assisting vulnerable households to legally own land.

Since Habitat Lesotho’s program goal is to transform communities, prospective homeowners and their communities are further empowered through various trainings. Habitat Lesotho provides direct training on inheritance rights and security of tenure to guard against unlawful evictions, property grabbing and disinheritance. Home maintenance trainings ensure that the home provides long-term shelter for the homeowners. The knowledge gained through inheritance and property rights trainings has seen an increased number of wills registered in various Habitat projects.

In all interventions, Habitat Lesotho works in close collaboration with the government, development partners, NGOs as well as local organizations to address the needs of vulnerable families that often extend beyond the need for a decent shelter. This way, an all-round approach to addressing the needs is adopted while ensuring community ownership of projects is prioritized.